Support Services

The RSA has a Support Officer who is tasked to assist all our members who may be in need.

We can assist with arranging transport for hospital appointments and the like.

One of the prime roles is at the time of a Returned Service person’s death. They will assist with documentation from NZ Defence and also arrange for an RSA presence at the funeral service.

We also offer assistance in times of bereavement by way of offering the use of our facilities, the availability of the caterers to assist with refreshments.


The Support Officer will offer advice and help with Veteran's Affairs and also with W.I.N.Z. to ensure all of our elderly members are in receipt of their correct entitlements.

The current RSA Support Officer is John Hannan, who may be contacted on 04-2377-695, alternately on 0212348039.

The RSA support persons make contact with the needy or elderly by way of telephone, contact or visits to the house to check with our members to ensure they are alright.